Opinions consist of views about the global garment trade from us, or occasionally - from other people. These are freely available to everyone.

  • Ethiopia violence undermines ‘visionary’ sourcing strategies

    The partial destruction by rioters last week of the Saygin Dima mill in Ethiopia perfectly illustrates the short-term superficiality of too many ‘visionary’ sourcing strategies.

  • Why voters don’t want any more global supply chains

    I spent the first six months of 2016 campaigning in Britain against Brexit. Not once did I hear a Brexit supporter attack global integration.

  • Bangladesh must face up to new industry threats

    Bangladesh’s garment industry seems unaware of the real threat the June/July terrorism incidents pose to its long-term viability.

  • Will automation kill Asia’s bullish apparel job hopes?

    In the past two months, public-sector forecasters  have made spectacularly different forecasts of job prospects in Asia’s apparel textile and apparel industries.

  • How does a CANZ-UK FTA stack up?

    As the UK government prepares the ground for new post-Brexit free trade deals, the first published ideas deal with Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • How Britain’s apparel industry should react to Brexit

    Most British comment about Brexit right now comes from grieving Remainers or Leavers who can’t believe their luck. Our industry must start planning to minimise the damage.

  • Brexit: is it a disaster?

    At 5 am today, UK voters for Brexit gained a majority.    British apparel brands and retailers can benefit – but only if they sharpen up their acts.

  • No other country’s going to step into China’s shoes

    In the first three months of this year, we saw a massive drop in Chinese apparel exports to the US. It doesn’t mean the end of China’s dominance.

  • China’s mythical apparel export slump

    China’s alleged “slump” is turning into opur industry’s greatest excuse for misguided thinking.

  • Would a President Trump really stomach a TPP?

    Those who believe Donald Trump will become as pro-trade as previous US presidents if he won the November election seriously misunderstand him.

  • Free labour gives brands more headaches than forced labour

    Is forced labour really apparel buyers top challenge?

  • Is UK apparel onshoring finally gaining momentum?

    Despite years of widely denied decline, British garment-making showed serious signs of a revival in the second half of 2015.

  • Might Brexit be brighter for Britain’s garment industry?

    There are arguments both ways. Pity no-one’s making the arguments why staying in probably helps our industry more than leaving.

  • Time to put the TPP out of its misery?

    I simply don’t buy US lobbyists’ conviction the TPP will get ratified this year. Shouldn’t they abandon the attempt?

  • Is Primark pioneering a new wave of retail efficiency?

    Has Primark identified the direction apparel retailers should be looking – or are US commentators right to claim the business is fundamentally flawed?