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Just In refers to apparel sourcing stories in other media.

We have not yet checked these stories, or assessed their implications for the global garment trade. Some will turn into our news stories: others just stay here for later reference.

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  • Strikers attack Chinese-owned apparel factory in Rangoon

    Burmese media reported on February 24 that about 300 local workers rushed into the  Hangzhou Hundred-Tex Garment (Myanmar) Co factory compound and started to smash windows, doors and other equipment after a colleague was sacked.

  • Bangladesh requests duty-free access to US – again

    In a February 16 letter to the US ambassador in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) President Siddiqur Rahman asked for duty-free access to the US for Bangladeshi RMG products made from cotton imported from the US.

  • “Trump’s an idiot” says currency expert as US Adminstration see-saws on China.

    “I will instruct my Treasury Secretary to declare China a currency manipulator the day I take office” promised Donald Trump on October 22.

  • UK imports from China and near-shore boom after Brexit referendum

    Calculated in square metres of fabric, UK total apparel imports in the last six months of 2016 (after the Brexit referendum and its subsequent sterling devaluation) fell just 0.3% over the same period in 2015.

  • China threatens to call off EU trade talks over WTO dispute

    It’s almost impossible to summarise the dispute between China and most other major trading nations at the WTO.

  • Tony Blair returns to politics with campaign to stay in EU

    Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, after a decade away from politics, launched a campaign on February 17 aimed at persuading British voters to reverse the June 23 decision to leave the EU.

  • EU Parliament agrees Free Trade deal with Canada

    On February 15, the EU’s Parliament approved the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada, abolishing tariffs on 98% of EU-Canada trade. 

  • Foreign investment in Ethiopia declines in 2016. So Ethiopians recycle old textile investment stories

    Foreign investment in Ethiopia looks likely to undershoot its target for 2016, after falling sharply in the second half of the year.

  • ASOS joins new wave of retailers publishing supplier lists

    UK fast fashion e-tailer ASOS announced a detailed timetable for publishing a list of its 490 apparel manufacturers in its statutory Modern Slavery Act filing.

  • French Senate insists: UK must do badly out of Brexit

    A cross-party report from the French senate on February 15 insisted that vowing that the UK must not be allowed to leave the EU in a better-off position than it is now, and if necessary a withdrawal without an agreement has to be considered.

  • UK devaluation starts hitting overseas apparel suppliers

    The dollar value of Chinese apparel exports to the UK fell 9.7% year on year in the six months after Britain’s June 23 referendum on EU membership, after increasing 2.8% in the previous six months

  • EU begins fight against US border taxes: US Republicans say ‘they would, wouldn’t they?’

    The EU has begun preparing for a legal challenge to a US border tax proposal in a move that could trigger the biggest case in World Trade Organisation history, the Financial Times reported on February 13.

  • Portuguese 2016 apparel exports “up 12%”

    For the first time in years, strong reported export growth.  Though, with total apparel exports, even with 2016’s 12% growth, just €2.1 bn, Portugal remains a relatively minor supplier to the rest of the EU.

  • Taiwanese textile makers reviewing more investment in US

    In fairness, the actual story consists of:

  • Makalot policy on US policy split in $5bn-$10 bn 2017 capital investment programme

    Taiwan’s Makalot announced on February 9 a double-edged policy on the US in its 2017 “$5 bn – $10 bn” worldwide investment plans.