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Just In refers to apparel sourcing stories in other media.

We have not yet checked these stories, or assessed their implications for the global garment trade. Some will turn into our news stories: others just stay here for later reference.

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  • US Senate appears to be delaying NAFTA clock starting till Lighthizer confirmed

    Reports in the specialist global trade press on March 22 indicated that the US Senate will not accept notice of the start of NAFTA renegotiations until President Trump’s US Trade Representative (USTR)  nominee, Robert Lighthizer, has been confirmed.

  • RCEP organisers admit progress even slower than expected

    The chief negotiator of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), admitted on March 22 that just ten per cent of issues had been agreed – six years after talks started, and just nine months before full agreement has been promised.

  • UK voter support for free trade hits extraordinary levels

    A survey of UK voters’ attitudes towards Brexit published on March 21 shows both far higher approval of free trade with the other 27 EU countries after the UK leaves than is seen for free trade in any other EU country. Perhaps more surprising, the survey shows little difference in attitudes towards trade those voting for Brexit and those voting to Remain.

  • Sears admits “substantial doubt” over its future

    Sears admitted in its March 21 10-K filing for 2016 that it had “substantial doubt over its own future.

  • European Parliament committee presses for more supply chain legislation

    A committee of the European Parliament voted on March 21 for a  proposal that “The EU Commission should propose rules obliging all players in the textile and clothing industry supply chain to respect the labour and human rights of their workers”.

  • Second life for TTIP looking likelier

    Though the EU-US TTIP agreement is widely thought to be “in the freezer”, evidence given to confirmation hearings by Robert Lighthizer, Donald Trump’s nominee for US Trade Representative, seems to indicate the US Administration is still open-minded about its future.

  • Brexit “will require up to 15 new laws” even before it will happen

    The UK government will need to enact up to 15 new bills and thousands of pages of secondary legislation in addition to a centrepiece Great Repeal Bill over the next two years, research on Brexit practicalities from an independent think-tank revealed on March 20. The UK typically enacts about 20 significant new laws a year.

  • EU looks at restarting South East Asian free trade talks

    The EU began serious discussions on restarting free trade talks with the entire Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) on March 10.

  • Burmese garment factories attack Dutch report on child labour. Inconsistently

    Burmese factories were reported in the Thai press on March 13 to be claiming their industry “did not accept the use of child labour”, which had been alleged by Dutch activists a month earlier.

  • Mercosur starts talking seriously to EU about trade deal

    The foreign ministers of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil met on March 9 in Buenos Aires to discuss  a common position ahead of negotiations with the European Union on a potential trade deal.

  • “UK government has done no economic assessment of leaving EU with no deal”: UK Minister for Brexit

    The British government has not carried out no assessment of its Prime Minister’s threat to leave the EU without reaching a new deal since the Brexit vote, said the government minister responsible for managing Britain’s exit programme on March 15.

  • Canada launches citizen consultation on possible China free trade agreement

    Canada launched a website on March 10 to carry a consultation exercise with its citizens  about a possible free trade agreement with China.

  • Angela Merkel strategy for Trump talks leaked

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will tactfully threaten Donald Trump with av range of punitive measures if he continues to plan anti-German trade moves, a leaked German government briefing paper published in the March 10 edition of Der Spiegel has reported. 

  • M&S tops apparel companies in first Corporate Human Rights Benchmark listimg

    Britain’s Marks & Spencer topped apparel companies listed on March 13 in a benchmark ranking assessing 98 of the largest publicly traded companies in the world on 100 human rights indicators.

  • IAF fears “disruption to global clothing trade”

    Growing geo-political tensions, polarisation and populism could lead to possible disruption in international trade in clothing, the International Apparel Federation (IAF) has warned.