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  • “1,075 employed” after launch of India’s “3 million new jobs a year” textile package

    In the last eight months, just 1,075 garment and textile workers have been enrolled in India’s social security programmes. When India’s Rs 6,000 crore ($900 mn) textile package was announced in June 2016, Minsters expected ten million new jobs over the following three years to be created as a result.

  • Seventeenth round of RCEP talks starts as China tries promoting alternative to TPP

    The seventeenth round of talks between the sixteen countries currently interested in developing the Pacific-based Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) began in Kobe, Japan on February 27.

  • India’s Textile Parks “have failed to meet their objectives”

    India’s programme of Textile Parks “has failed to meet its objectives”, a December study from consultants Wazir Associates now revealed in early February.

  • US 2016 apparel imports fall in spite of year-end spurt. Price falls accelerated

    US apparel imports (in square metres) grew 3.4% in December 2016 over December 2015, though falls in the previous six months a 2016 annual fall of 1.1%.

  • India quadruples Federal textile infrastructure subsidies

    From $68 mn to $256 mn. But reduces equipment upgrading budget by almost the same amount.

  • Indian textile industry shows characteristic insight into outside world

    On January 20, Donald Trump announced the motto for his period as President would be “Buy American, hire American”. On January 23, he carried out then promise he had made in October to withdraw America from the TPP.

  • Indan textile firms “failing to investigate sexual abuse”

    Women facing sexual harassment in India’s garment industry have nowhere to turn as companies are shirking their legal duty to investigate abuse allegations, India’s Rights Education and Development Centre said on February 2

  • Vietnam pessimism won’t stand up to scrutiny

    Foreign media and Vietnamese businesses almost unanimous in complaining about effect on Vietnamese apparel industry of US abandoning TPP negotiations. But even the Vietnamese admit that its apparel industry exports grew 5.2% in 2016. This, they believe, compares with:

  • India unmoved by UK trade pitches

    …and no-one in India seems interested in duty-free access to the world’s second largest garment importer.

  • No other country’s going to step into China’s shoes

    In the first three months of this year, we saw a massive drop in Chinese apparel exports to the US. It doesn’t mean the end of China’s dominance.

  • Are apparel prices really rising?

    Just about every apparel industry commentator on the planet is constantly going on about rising cost prices. But do any of them look at what buyers are paying?

  • Activists turn fire on Walmart over Asian factories

    Detailed analysis of Walmart suppliers in India, Indonesia and Cambodia, with details of how activists think they should be better run.

  • “8,000 children in Delhi garment industry”: Delhi government

    Over 8,000 children are working in Delhi’s garment industry, the territory’s Minister for Women and Child Development announced on June 19.

  • India launches $300 mn investment fund for Vietnam

    The Indian Government has officially kicked off a preferential credit package of $300 million to promote factory construction in Vietnam, it was reported on June 19.

  • Indian state claims Chinese “have decided to set up textile estate” in Gujarat: press

    The Gujarat state government reportedly claimed on June 16 that  a Chinese trade association had “decided to set up a textile industrial park in the state in near future.”