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  • Trump seems to be trying to break up NAFTA

    A possibly unscripted February 13 remark by Donald Trump might indicate he wants to break up NAFTA, not merely renegotiate it.

  • Taiwanese textile makers reviewing more investment in US

    In fairness, the actual story consists of:

  • Why did industry forecasters miss 2016’s biggest story?

    I think the biggest event of 2016 for our industry was the outright opposition to international trade on which America’s Republican Party campaigned successfully in the Congressional elections.

  • Taiwan’s Eclat reviewing setting US plant – as it closes China production

    Taiwan’s  Eclat Textile, the country’s largest apparel manufacturer, announced on December 8 it  was closing its last Chinese production plant.

  • Is UK apparel onshoring finally gaining momentum?

    Despite years of widely denied decline, British garment-making showed serious signs of a revival in the second half of 2015.

  • Santana’s US mill “will start spinning in summer 2015”

    ” Santana Textiles will complete construction and begin their spinning operations this summer”,  said Edinburg mayor on May 22.

  • US West Cost dockers approve 5-year contract

    82% of US West Coast dockworkers voted for a new 5-year contract based on a tentative February 2015 agreement with employers,their union announced on May 22. The new contract now runs till July 2019

  • US government report sees little benefit in country of origin labelling

    Country-of-origin labelling does not provide much in the way of “measurable economic benefits” for American consumers and costs producers, packers, and retailers in the United States $2.6 billion a year for all products covered by legislation requiring it, a US Department of Agriculture report claimed on May 8.

  • Gildan closes New York State facility

    The New York State plant formerly known as New Buffalo Shirt Factory will close on June 1, eliminating about 80 jobs.

  • US West Coast dockers’ caucus votes for approval of February’s tentative agreement

    ILWU Coast Longshore Caucus delegates voted on April 3 to recommend approval of a tentative agreement – reached on February 20, 2015 –  between the union and employers represented by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA).

  • Vietnamese garment factory owner charged with attempted bribe to US factory inspector.

    A Vietnamese general manager at a garment factory in City of Industry, near Los Angeles, allegedly offered to bribe a US Department of Labor investigator in exchange for closing a wage violations investigation, authorities claimed on April 7.

  • For all the onshoring hype – US apparel jobs keep falling

    In the April 3 Sourcing Journal Online, I look at the continuing fall in US apparel making jobs.

  • US WTO complaint on China’s alleged export subsidies: government seeks comments

    Preferably by April 15, if its Trade Representative is going to give them “timely consideration.”

  • US unions sue US government over Mexican truck access

    The Teamsters Union filed a legal challenge on March 10 to the American Department of Transportation’s (DOT) recent decision to open the US  border to Mexican trucks.

  • US pressure groups to continue opposing Mexican trucks in California

    …though the US committed to the principle when it signed the NAFTA treaty over 20 years ago.