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  • ASOS joins new wave of retailers publishing supplier lists

    UK fast fashion e-tailer ASOS announced a detailed timetable for publishing a list of its 490 apparel manufacturers in its statutory Modern Slavery Act filing.

  • KiK pays compensation for 2012 Karachi fire

    German retailer KiK paid $5.15 mn in compensation to dependants of workers killed or injured in the 2012 factory fire at Ali Enterprises in Karachi.

  • World recycling industry fights proposed East African import ban on used clothes

    The East African Community (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan) plans a ban on imported used clothing from 2019.

  • Strike in Middle East’s largest textile factory ended after reprisal fears

    Around 3,000 workers at Egypt’s Mahalla Textile and Weaving Company reportedly started a strike on February 7, hoping to get he support of  the other 12,000 workers at the complex – often claimed to be the biggest apparel and textile plant in Africa and the Middle East.

  • Alliance suspends 11 more factories

    11 more suspensions in January brings total number of factories suspended by the Alliance to 127. But Alliance country director James Moriarty said 58 factories had fully completed their corrective action plans. 

  • Indan textile firms “failing to investigate sexual abuse”

    Women facing sexual harassment in India’s garment industry have nowhere to turn as companies are shirking their legal duty to investigate abuse allegations, India’s Rights Education and Development Centre said on February 2

  • Global union federations claim Bangladesh trade preferences should be reviewed after worker rights clampdown

    Heads of International Trade Union Confederation, IndustriALL Global Union and the UNI Global Union call on EU to review Bangladesh’s duty-free treatment after union workers’ detention without trial.

  • Bangladesh manufacturers want repatriated successor to Accord/Alliance

    BGMEA develop “Version 2.0 to replace Accord/Alliance when they terminate in mid-2018.

  • VF claim to have cut carbon emissions over twice as fast as planned

    Between 2011 and 2015, emissions cut 12%, against a 5% target, while  “the company added roughly 500 sites (40% growth) to its global operations”., VF claimed in a November 15 press release.

  • Donald Trump’s immediate plans for the apparel industry

    On October 22, Donald Trump published his work programme for the first hundred days of his Presidency.

  • Free labour gives brands more headaches than forced labour

    Is forced labour really apparel buyers top challenge?

  • Bangladesh gas shortage “halts 250 textile/garment projects”: trade associations

    Bangladesh’s major garment trade associations claimed on August 11 that gas shortages had stopped over 250 textile and garment factories from either going into into production or expanding in the past few years.

  • Activists turn fire on Walmart over Asian factories

    Detailed analysis of Walmart suppliers in India, Indonesia and Cambodia, with details of how activists think they should be better run.

  • Cambodians dispute child labour incidence in garment industry

    So few underage workers in Cambodia’s garment industry that “we can count them on our fingers,” said a minster on June 16.

  • “8,000 children in Delhi garment industry”: Delhi government

    Over 8,000 children are working in Delhi’s garment industry, the territory’s Minister for Women and Child Development announced on June 19.