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  • Turkish-Bulgarian border offers UK apparel industry serious warning of life after Brexit

    Lengthy queues at  Kapikule, on Turkey’s side of its frontier with Bulgaria offer a depressing lesson for Britain’s Brexit planners.

  • Foreign investment in Ethiopia declines in 2016. So Ethiopians recycle old textile investment stories

    Foreign investment in Ethiopia looks likely to undershoot its target for 2016, after falling sharply in the second half of the year.

  • UK devaluation starts hitting overseas apparel suppliers

    The dollar value of Chinese apparel exports to the UK fell 9.7% year on year in the six months after Britain’s June 23 referendum on EU membership, after increasing 2.8% in the previous six months

  • Portuguese 2016 apparel exports “up 12%”

    For the first time in years, strong reported export growth.  Though, with total apparel exports, even with 2016’s 12% growth, just €2.1 bn, Portugal remains a relatively minor supplier to the rest of the EU.

  • Taiwanese textile makers reviewing more investment in US

    In fairness, the actual story consists of:

  • Makalot policy on US policy split in $5bn-$10 bn 2017 capital investment programme

    Taiwan’s Makalot announced on February 9 a double-edged policy on the US in its 2017 “$5 bn – $10 bn” worldwide investment plans.

  • India’s Textile Parks “have failed to meet their objectives”

    India’s programme of Textile Parks “has failed to meet its objectives”, a December study from consultants Wazir Associates now revealed in early February.

  • UK Customs give first glimpse of post-Brexit Fast Fashion logistics

    They claim Customs procedures will be bureaucracy-free and “risk-based.” But even their claims accept 10% of arrivals might be unnecessarily delayed. Who really believes government assurances on future IT projects? And no hint of how urgently Britain’s partners might respond to the challenges.

  • Q3 2016 textile survey reports sluggish growth in fabric output, but strong yarn growth

    The  report for Q3 2016 from the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) shows 3.7% year on year increase in yarn production, and 0.6% increase in fabric production. Substantial declines were seen in Europe

  • UK road freight industry identifies “serious risk” to post-Brexit supply chains

    Report calls for seamless Customs procedures, unimpeded access for EU and UK road operators and a system for recruiting drivers from outside the UK

  • Trump abandons China “currency manipulation” promise

    Donald Trump announced on January 14 his abandonment of a central campaign pledge about China.

  • Why did industry forecasters miss 2016’s biggest story?

    I think the biggest event of 2016 for our industry was the outright opposition to international trade on which America’s Republican Party campaigned successfully in the Congressional elections.

  • Taiwan’s Eclat reviewing setting US plant – as it closes China production

    Taiwan’s  Eclat Textile, the country’s largest apparel manufacturer, announced on December 8 it  was closing its last Chinese production plant.

  • Everest Textile plans first production plant outside Asia – in North Carolina

    The Everest Textile subsidiary of Taiwan’s Far Eastern Group announced on December 6 it would invest $18.5 million in a new manufacturing plant in Forest City, North Carolina, creating 610 jobs over five years

  • Post Trump and Brexit: there’s more than one way to skin the international retailing cat

    While American voters were confounding practically all observers on November 8, on the other side of the Atlantic Britain’s Marks & Spencer unveiled a strategy that may be designed for a post-Brexit, post-Trump world.