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  • Li&Fung dropped from stock index of Hong Kong’s leading firms

    Li&Fung will be dropped from Hong Kong’s Han Seng index of leading quoted businesses from March 6, the index compilers announced on February 12.

  • Chinese luxury apparel goes online as luxury demand falls

    Consultancy Bain believes Chinese spending on luxury goods, including apparel,  will fall 2% in 2014 as “affordable luxury” becomes the new boom category. 

  • Bosideng’s H1 net profit falls over 20% as store closures continue

    H1 profit attributable to shareholders down 22.5% on sales up 1.3%. 

  • Developing-world garment exports to China: less even than meets the eye

    Scarcely a single spokesperson for a developing-country garment industry fails to claim their long-term future really lies in exports to China. And not one of them ever shows a shred of evidence they know what they’re talking about.

  • Chinese retail sales still growing

    Garment sales up 8.7% year on year in Jan/Feb

  • Sri Lanka’s trade deal with China: good for Western buyers, bad for Sri Lanka’s garment industry?

    Sri Lanka’s proposed fast-track trade deal with China looks likely to prove excellent news – for the Western buyers Sri Lankan trade garment trade spokespeople want to diversify away from.

  • China’s domestic sportswear brands start showing signs of life and looking for foreign branches

    That famous inventory mountain is getting smaller, for example, as domestic networks hammered…

  • China’s new labour law became effective on July 1

    Chinese legislation strictly controlling the use of contracted-ouit workers came into effect on July 1

  • What’s happening to clothes sales worldwide?

    We’ve now got apparel retail sales for October in the world’s five largest apparel markets. All these numbers refer to the value of clothing sales in local currencies.