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  • US Senate appears to be delaying NAFTA clock starting till Lighthizer confirmed

    Reports in the specialist global trade press on March 22 indicated that the US Senate will not accept notice of the start of NAFTA renegotiations until President Trump’s US Trade Representative (USTR)  nominee, Robert Lighthizer, has been confirmed.

  • Second life for TTIP looking likelier

    Though the EU-US TTIP agreement is widely thought to be “in the freezer”, evidence given to confirmation hearings by Robert Lighthizer, Donald Trump’s nominee for US Trade Representative, seems to indicate the US Administration is still open-minded about its future.

  • Trump Revolution frustrated by disagreement

    There’s no doubting the Trump team’s commitment to cutting imports. But it keeps getting tougher to see what how they want to do it.

  • Angela Merkel strategy for Trump talks leaked

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will tactfully threaten Donald Trump with av range of punitive measures if he continues to plan anti-German trade moves, a leaked German government briefing paper published in the March 10 edition of Der Spiegel has reported. 

  • Limited aspirations for “jilted TPP partners” summit

    Few observers have high  expectations for a March 14 summit in Chile of the countries that had been negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership until Donald Trump pulled the US out.

  • Jilted TPP partners (plus a few) share new hopes

    Before a March 14-15 meeting in Chile planned to review next steps after US withdrawal from the TPP, other negotiating partners – plus China, Korea and Colombia – shared views on future possibilities.

  • Media claim “White House civil war over trade”

    A March 10 article in the Financial Times, generally reflecting much other comment, claims US officials dealing with trade are engaged in a “civil war” with each other.

  • NAFTA: US undecided on renegotiation strategy and timetable

    On March 10, almost two months after the day Trump promised to leave NAFTA, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross revealed it had not yet decided its strategy.

  • US “hasn’t yet decided on TTIP”

    In a March 10 background briefing with reporters, US officials surprisingly revealed the Trump administration has “not formulated a final position” on whether or not it will continue to pursue a proposed Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement with the EU.

  • JC Penney believes border taxes proposal “means taxes at 170% of profits”

    JC Penney CEO believes a border tax would be equivalent to paying the US government 170% of its profits.

  • US critics link another broken Trump trade promise to Trump administration corruption. Possibly inaccurately

    For the second time in a week, US critics have accused the Trump administration of corrupt motives for dishonouring pre-election trade promises.

  • In Trump era, US Customs focuses more on enforcement than easing the flow of goods

    In a March 1 meeting, Acting US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan announced a range of recent developments in tighter enforcement to America’s Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee.

  • US activists criticise Trump inaction over China investment treaty.

    Anti-globalisation activists began in February attacking the Trump administration for failing to honour its promises on China.

  • 17th round of RCEP talks make no real progress

    There was no public statement of any real progress at the 17 round of RCEP talks held in Kobe, Japan between February 27 and March 3.

  • Wilbur Ross, sceptical about border taxes, outlines priorities for NAFTA renegotiation

    Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in a March 3 interview, offered insights into general trade priorities and his priorities for the NAFTA renegotiation.