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  • The Brexit and Trump kamikaze wings are trying to kill businesses

    Brexit and the Trump Revolution are often linked. What really unites them is the extraordinarily uncommercial attitude many of their politicians are taking to what real businesses want.

  • US Adminstration’s narcissism hits new high

    A late March Report from the office of the US Trade Representative gives an extraordinary insight into the self-centred paranoia of  the current US Administration.

  • Border taxes: Murdoch press claims Trump now backs them. Ross says he’s still undecided

    Donald Trump has now approached Democrats for support in introducing border taxes, the Rupert Murdoch-owned The Times claimed on March 30. But Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on March 31 that Trump’s still undecided.

  • Trump to sign orders examining US trade deficits and duty collection

    Donald Trump will sign during March 31 two Executive Orders

  • Fast Retailing spurns US production

    Tadashi Yanai, chairman and president of Fast Retailing, said on March 28 that there is “no chance” of US production for the company – probably the first time any Top 20 global apparel retailer has come out and denied the possibility of US production.

  • US Democrats start pitching for tougher rules against imports

    If the US Adminstration ever starts doing anything about its trade ideas, Democrats are beginning to produce ideas for how they might influence policy.

  • US Senate appears to be delaying NAFTA clock starting till Lighthizer confirmed

    Reports in the specialist global trade press on March 22 indicated that the US Senate will not accept notice of the start of NAFTA renegotiations until President Trump’s US Trade Representative (USTR)  nominee, Robert Lighthizer, has been confirmed.

  • Trump’s trade guru produces 24-point (or is it 22-point?) model trade agreement

    A list of “model elements in trade deals”, produced by  the White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro appears to have now grown to a “non-exhaustive” list of 24 items.

  • Second life for TTIP looking likelier

    Though the EU-US TTIP agreement is widely thought to be “in the freezer”, evidence given to confirmation hearings by Robert Lighthizer, Donald Trump’s nominee for US Trade Representative, seems to indicate the US Administration is still open-minded about its future.

  • Trump Revolution continues, disagreements and all

    The Trump by the end of March began airing real plans that could result in new policies. In almost every case, later than planned, and never unanimous.

  • Angela Merkel strategy for Trump talks leaked

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will tactfully threaten Donald Trump with av range of punitive measures if he continues to plan anti-German trade moves, a leaked German government briefing paper published in the March 10 edition of Der Spiegel has reported. 

  • Jilted TPP partners (plus a few) share new hopes

    Before a March 14-15 meeting in Chile planned to review next steps after US withdrawal from the TPP, other negotiating partners – plus China, Korea and Colombia – shared views on future possibilities.

  • Media claim “White House civil war over trade”

    A March 10 article in the Financial Times, generally reflecting much other comment, claims US officials dealing with trade are engaged in a “civil war” with each other.

  • NAFTA: US undecided on renegotiation strategy and timetable

    On March 10, almost two months after the day Trump promised to leave NAFTA, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross revealed it had not yet decided its strategy.

  • US “hasn’t yet decided on TTIP”

    In a March 10 background briefing with reporters, US officials surprisingly revealed the Trump administration has “not formulated a final position” on whether or not it will continue to pursue a proposed Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement with the EU.