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  • South African government investment to trigger more protectionism

    The South African government announced on April 6 its approval of R4.9 billion ($355 mn) for the clothing and textile sector “to create and save jobs” – but warned it would impose more protectionist pressure on buyers.

  • What’s the Chinese for hogwash?

    “China must be ready to face [the] growing trend of protectionism” said its Premier Li Keqiang on March 5.

  • European Chamber of Commerce slams China’s growing protectionism

    On March 7, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China attacked the likelihood of “increased state intervention” in China’s ten year plan to cut imports.

  • Argentina creates uniquely complex textile import filing and labelling regulations

    Argentina’s Resolution 404 – E/2016, creating uniquely complex apparel and textile labelling regulations, came into effect on February 3.

  • China-Korea trade collapses after a year’s “free trading”

    Korean exports to China fell 10.9% in the first year of a free trade deal between the two countries. Chinese exports to Korea fell just 4.8%.

  • Trumps confirms TPP withdrawal – but silent on renegotiating NAFTA or branding China a “currency manipulator”

    A November 21 video by Donald Trump seems to be backtracking on trade commitments made just four weeks earlier.

  • Trade with China. Triumph of hope over experience?

    The British Brexit debate, and the aftermath of Trump’s election, are bringing out widely contrasting views of China as a business partner. Some are hopelessly naive.

  • US Congressional committee claims China “violates the spirit and the letter of its international trade obligations”

    A US Congressional committee prepared a report before the November 8 elections savagely attacking China’s good faith as a trading partner.

  • India unmoved by UK trade pitches

    …and no-one in India seems interested in duty-free access to the world’s second largest garment importer.

  • Mexican textile and apparel import restrictions start becoming effective from February

    Mexico’s new restrictions on apparel and textile imports, summarised here in mid-January,  began coming into effect from February 1.

  • Mexico announces details of import licensing programmes for footwear

    Mexico imposed a new automatic import licensing system for footwear imports on January 19.

  • South African retailers say they’re going local. But not as fast as journalists think

    The newspaper headline says “Clothing chains race to go local”

  • Indonesian textile association claimns it’s hindered by anti-dumping duty plans

    “The Indonesian government’s plan to apply an anti-dumping duty on three types of yarn is expected to make things tougher for the textile industry that is already burdened by the power tariff hike, rupiah depreciation and an increased minimum wage”, says the Indonesian textile Association (API).  The additional duties imposed on the products, which are largely imported, would push up production costs and “be very detrimental to our overall domestic textile industry”

  • Fast Retailing and the Indian Prime Minister: Clothesource got it almost right

    Yesterday, we cast doubt on the official Indian government explanation for the visit of Tadashi Yanai, Chairman of Fast Retailing, to the Indian Prime Minister.  It looks as if we almost got it right and there’s a more interesting story than the Indian trade press could see.

  • Egypt’s state-owned textile chairman: “we need import controls to survive.” Its garment makers say they need more imports

    Egypt’s privately-owned garment makers want to import more cotton from the rest of Africa. But the head of its state-owned textile businesses wants to cut cotton imports to prop up his outdated plants.