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  • UK imports from China and near-shore boom after Brexit referendum

    Calculated in square metres of fabric, UK total apparel imports in the last six months of 2016 (after the Brexit referendum and its subsequent sterling devaluation) fell just 0.3% over the same period in 2015.

  • Turkish-Bulgarian border offers UK apparel industry serious warning of life after Brexit

    Lengthy queues at  Kapikule, on Turkey’s side of its frontier with Bulgaria offer a depressing lesson for Britain’s Brexit planners.

  • Tony Blair returns to politics with campaign to stay in EU

    Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, after a decade away from politics, launched a campaign on February 17 aimed at persuading British voters to reverse the June 23 decision to leave the EU.

  • Introducing…the Teebie-geebie world

    The world sadly lacks a simple word for the immense wave of complications caused by the Trump election, Brexit and all the likely knock-ons from them both. Here’s our suggestion.

  • French Senate insists: UK must do badly out of Brexit

    A cross-party report from the French senate on February 15 insisted that vowing that the UK must not be allowed to leave the EU in a better-off position than it is now, and if necessary a withdrawal without an agreement has to be considered.

  • UK devaluation starts hitting overseas apparel suppliers

    The dollar value of Chinese apparel exports to the UK fell 9.7% year on year in the six months after Britain’s June 23 referendum on EU membership, after increasing 2.8% in the previous six months

  • UK Customs give first glimpse of post-Brexit Fast Fashion logistics

    They claim Customs procedures will be bureaucracy-free and “risk-based.” But even their claims accept 10% of arrivals might be unnecessarily delayed. Who really believes government assurances on future IT projects? And no hint of how urgently Britain’s partners might respond to the challenges.

  • China’s income from apparel exports falls dramatically in the second half of 2016. Especially in exports to the UK.

    The US dollar value of China’s apparel exports fell year on year by 11.4% in the last six months of 2016: an abrupt worsening of the 4.5% fall in the first six months.

  • UK government White Paper gives broad Brexit issues outline

    On February 2, the UK government issued a White Paper (WP) claiming to outline its Brexit plans. Light on detail, the WP is a useful checklist of the issues the UK government sees as important.

  • UK road freight industry identifies “serious risk” to post-Brexit supply chains

    Report calls for seamless Customs procedures, unimpeded access for EU and UK road operators and a system for recruiting drivers from outside the UK

  • UK government publishes broad Brexit process

    Likely to leave Single Market by March 2019 – but the devil’s in the detail, and the detail may take a great deal longer.

  • High-minded idealism is confusing buyers as much as the new nationalism

    Seemingly endless January trade-related government announcements in the US and UK lacked a single detail businesses could use for planning.

  • UK legislators back “Brexit by Spring 2019” timetable

    The UK House of Commons agreed on December 9 to back its government’s timetable to file the country’s decision to leave the EU by March 2017.

  • How uncertain are the uncertainties facing apparel sourcing?

    I think many of the alleged uncertainties observers forecast for 2017 are badly misconceived.

  • Brexit “god-given opportunity to take business from UK”: Trump’s nominee for Commerce post

    Wilbur Ross, whom Donald Trump announced on November 30 as his pick to be Secretary of Commerce, told a group of bankers in June that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is  a “God-given opportunity but a brief one,” to take business from the UK.