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  • Trumps confirms TPP withdrawal – but silent on renegotiating NAFTA or branding China a “currency manipulator”

    A November 21 video by Donald Trump seems to be backtracking on trade commitments made just four weeks earlier.

  • US Congressional committee claims China “violates the spirit and the letter of its international trade obligations”

    A US Congressional committee prepared a report before the November 8 elections savagely attacking China’s good faith as a trading partner.

  • Trump’s global trade policy: act like a New York garmento

    The developed world depends almost entirely on imports from poorer countries for its clothing. The world’s biggest apparel importer looks certain to transform its attitude to importing that apparel

  • Obama administration gives up on TPP

    The US Administration admitted on November 11 it no longer expected Congressional ratification of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the Obama Presidency. President-elect Trump has already announced abandoning the deal will be among his first acts after his January 20 inauguration.

  • Three African regional groupings plan common free trade area

    Three  trade blocs covering East and Southern Africa agreed on October 25 to a common free trade area, probably called the Grand Free Trade Area, to be officially announced in mid-December. It will include 26 states in Eastern and Southern Africa

  • Cambodian garment makers sceptical about gains from Thailand’s loss of EU duty privileges.

    EU won’t postpone its denying Thailand GSP privileges, or progressing a Free Trade Agreement,  at least as long a it lacks a democratic government. But Cambodian garment makers doubt they’ll see any more business as a result.

  • West suspects India, South Africa, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe of undermining Trade Facilitation initiative

    Most major traders “deplore” their behaviour, while EU and US keep quiet, while struggling to see why India and South Africa are siding with the near-pariahs.