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  • 2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.
    2: Onshoring stayed in journalists’ minds

    The frequent journalists’ repetition that “there’s a lot of onshoring going on” has never led to any serious, specific, forecasting of a growth in rich-country garment production.

  • 2014′s Next Big Things that weren’t
    1. Internet dominance

    We’re now twenty years from the launch of internet retailing. But it’s had nothing like the effect on apparel buying the big 20th century revolutions did. Accident, problem – or an indication that transactional apparel websites might go the way of Concorde and the hovercraft?

  • 2014: A terrible year for garment industry gloom merchants.

    In 2014, almost every prediction of gloom about the garment industry, globally or in specific countries, failed to materialise. My first Blogs of the New Year will look at why they didn’t. I’ll also look at what this tells us about the industry, and about those commentating on it. As well as the likelihood those gloomy predictions might happen later.

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